My favourite candids.


[Marco doing photography in Venice]


[Florence Friends]


[Converse Shoes]





At the end of summer, I went to visit Venice with my host family. Venice is an absolutely beautiful city of canals, culture and colour. I really enjoyed the weekend we spent there.

[Gondola Ride]

[Colourful Sign]


[Enjoying Venice]

[Mamma Nadia]

A Week of Sailing

Hey everyone! I recently had the opportunity of doing a sailing course for one week with a number of other students. During the week I made great friends and learnt heaps of new things. We went sailing and swimming and even had a bonfire on the last night. I had heaps of fun during my time and am so happy to have had the opportunity.

Sail Sunset

[The lake at sunset]

After Storm Sunset

[After an evening storm]

Sunny Sails

[A beautiful day for sailing]

Lake Sunset

[Mountains at sunset]

Group Photo

[Group photo of the sailing group]

Family Sea Vacation

This is a post I wrote quite a while ago and forgot to share! It’s currently Autumn so it’s nice to look back on some lovely memories.

Now that it summer, the days are hotter and the sky is bluer. I just spent a week at the sea with my family and had the best holiday I’ve had in a really long time.

[Palm street]

[Beach entrance]

[Colourful beach house]

[Beach-side lake]

[Waves on the beach]

A Walk in the Park

With the summer holidays around, there is a lot more time to go to the park. Warm weather, beautiful views and being surrounded by nature make the summer days fly by. Here are some photos I took during a walk in the park:


[Trees on the lake]


[Freshly picked mulberries]

Park path

[Picturesque paths]

Park Greenery

[Park Greenery]

On the lake

[A view of the lake]

Magnum Making

My favourite place at the World Expo was the Magnum bar-a place where you could design (and eat) your own magnum.

I chose a dark-chocolate coated vanilla ice cream with some yummy toppings to finish it off!

Magnum Bar


Magnum Making

[My Creation]

Emily x