Little Things

After so many crazy experiences and new challenges, it is such a relief to have everything settling down at last. I am incredibly grateful that it is finally spring and the weather is now warm enough to spend lots of time out side. I really missed the sun during the winter here so I’m incredibly excited that it is here at last! It is so important to stay positive when you are an exchange student so here are some little things that have been making me happy in my life: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



[A bright cage holding flowers]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[My host Aunty and Uncle’s adorable dog]

Little happies:

1. Spring weather

2. A fun day at the lake

3. I’ve been writing a lot recently

4. I baked a chocolate cake on Sunday!

5.  Reading great books


[blue skies]


Despite my hay fever, I’m still loving all the bright flowers and colours of spring. It is so refreshing being in spring when it is winter back home so I am ridiculously happy! Anyway, that’s all from me today, hope you are all having a wonderful week. Ciao!


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