Ciao from Rome,  a city full of fashion, food, ancient architecture and tiny cars. I absolutely adore this place! The thin cobbled streets lined with brightly coloured buildings have a certain charm about them, and this charm has captured the hearts of people around the world. I have enjoyed my first day exploring, despite the freezing rain. Here I have experienced true winter weather. With temperatures of less than ten degrees, several layers of clothing still haven’t protected me from the cold!

I have been incredibly busy soaking up the rich culture of Italy with a large group of new friends (who unfortunately will be scattered around the country in a couple of days). Everyone in Rome is dressed immaculately with beautiful shoes and flawless outfits. They dress with class and it is something that has drawn me to this city. One thing that surprised me was the abundance of tiny cars. Most cars were  downsized and so a medium-sized car seemed incredibly large! Photos can not properly capture the atmosphere of Italy. Try as I might, I can not show you the loud honking of horns, the constant talking and the freezing cold. Tonight an Italian movie night has been organised by our coordinators. I look forward to seeing the movie and enjoying the time with my exchange student friends.

[The ruins of Rome]

[Looking at the ruins]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[A rooftop balcony overlooking Rome]

[Sant’Agnese in Piazza Navona]

I had an absolutely awesome time in Rome and everything was completely stunning!

Ciao, Emily xox


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